Now contracting Veterinarians nationwide!

Opportunity to be more available to clientele, with the Smart Buddy Assist App.

Buddy Assist App is an Uber-like App for all essential services safely to your door. The App is being driven to every household for safety and convenience.

The current service Provider categories are: Tutors, Bail Attorneys, Paramedics, Ambulance Services, Plumbers, Locksmiths, Handymen, Gate Guys with Veterinarians and Doctors starting at month end.

We are starting to recruit 100 x 24/7 Veterinarians and 100 x 24/7 Drs on Call in the Gauteng, WC, EC and KZN areas only. At a later date we will open the remaining provinces.

It would be fantastic if your practice would like to join us in delivering a very smart and safe service in your community. The App has two distinct methods of operation:

  • The 24/7 ON DEMAND service request is for emergencies. The client will be able to view the Veterinarians within 30km radius and call them into action. The veterinarian will be able to see the clients location and “in-app” call them to the address that is most suitable. Once arrived you will tap the app and again on completion.
  • The other aspect of the app is a non-emergency service “Get a Quote” wherein a client requests certain services and quotation. This is handled in the back-end by Buddy Assist and we forward any quotation request onto your practise.


Buddy Assist normally charge 10% of the call-out fee that we collect on behalf of all tradespeople.

Our proposal to the Veterinarians is a monthly subscription fee instead of a percentage of call-out fee as these can vary substantially. There will be no fixed term contract and you may withdraw within 7 days before month end at any stage that you do not wish to participate. The monthly fee will be R139 plus vat per veterinarian.

Complete Flexibility:

With Buddy Assist App, under your Profile you can make yourself AVAILABLE or UNAVAILABLE dependent on your workload. You manage your time and workload with other members in your practise.

Should you wish to join us on this exciting journey, it would provide us with great pleasure in exposing your practice to more people and developing a strong long term strategy.

To complete the Online registration please go to service provider info “register” , it is quick and easy.