Buddy Assist App planning a unique Roadside Assistance feature!

Roadside Assistance for all!   The Buddy Assist App (IN DEVELOPMENT STAGE)

We are planning and developing a unique Roadside Assistance emergency system for all of the public. There will no memberships fees and this service will be available to any member of the public. The rates for each occurrence will be clearly displayed in the pricing section.

Whilst in development stage, we can already confirm that the basic type of roadside assistance will include battery type problems, tyres , vehicle towing and storage, courtesy lifts for the occupants and petroleum delivery.

Buddy Assist App already has ambulance (both land and air) available on the app which connects you directly to SAPAESA (South African Private Ambulance and Emergency Services Association) 24/7.

Recruiting suitably qualified service providers nationwide.

Buddy Assist are encouraging all relevant service providers to put forward their rates, geographical areas of operations, vehicle types and service types and send these to marketing@buddyassist.co.za.

We are compiling the logistics of all interested operators in order to offer a truly comprehensive and slick service to the public.

How Buddy assist Roadside Assistance Feature will operate for the public as well as Service Providers:

Buddy Assist App is an Uber-like App.  When a client has a need for immediate services, they will tap the App and immediately identify operators close to themselves or to an address that they may choose.  They will be able to view details of the operators and simply Tap the App when they have chosen a party. This immediately sends a push notification to the Service Provider whom will Accept. The client will receive a notification that the SP has accepted. The SP again taps in the App to notify the client that they are EN-ROUTE. Client may track and watch the SP whilst travelling to their destination.

During this operation or before starting to travel, the SP may call the client “in app” and confirm the cost and method in which payment will be made.

The relationship is between the client and the Service Provider in terms of service and payment.

Service Providers whom wish to participate in this new initiative may contact us at (marketing@buddyassist.co.za) for further information.