SAPAESA (South African Private Ambulance & Emergency Services Association) available on the Buddy Assist App

Buddy Assist App more than just convenience with the SAPAESA national call center at your fingertips!

Buddy Assist App have proudly added an emergency button at the second page of the App “AMBULANCE” in red. This button allows you to call a Paramedic/Ambulance services closest to you when in need. South African Private Ambulance & Emergency Services Association have national coverage and we include this on our App to make sure that you are safe and secure in the knowledge that we truly have you covered.

Current Service Provider Categories:

Plumbers, Locksmiths, Electricians, Handymen, Bail Attorneys, Paramedics, Ambulance, Tutors and a limited number of Automated Gate Guys and DSTV Installers.  With more to come shortly such as ; Doctors 24/7, Veterinarians 24/7, Laundry services and Roadside assistance. the Buddy Assist App will surely be the most useful app for all households and individuals.

We are open in certain areas with others to follow soon:

Currently we are open for business in Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, and KZN.  The Buddy Assist App and model has allowed us to set up License agreements Internationally and we have secured London and Perth. Interested parties for all other areas in the States, Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney are welcome to contact us as we expand the model.

View the amazing members forming SAPAESA nationally!