Electrician on Call 24/7 – Vetted and qualified

In need of a qualified Electrician ?

Look no further than the easy to use Buddy Assist App and select an Electrician to help you out quickly and accurately. It does not cost you any additional fee to call out your electrician through the very efficient Buddy Assist App. You may either use the “SERVICES ON DEMAND 24/7” feature if in an emergency situation, or the Obligation Free “GET A QUOTE” system when it is not an emergency.

How the SERVICES ON DEMAND feature works! The Buddy Assist App in action.

Should you have an emergency and require an electrician to your home or any other destination you choose, then the BUDDY ASSIST APP has no peer. Simply tap in the App and it will display all the available Electricians within a 30 km radius. You may view their profiles and ratings and select the most suitable electrician. The electrician will receive an immediate notification to look at the job in the App as well as identify your location or chosen location. the Electrician immediately then ACCEPTS and you as the client are notified. He then notify’s you that he is ENROUTE, and you may watch/track him to your door. Uber-like. This is for your safety and convenience. Once the electrician has COMPLETED the job, he will tap in the App and you will have the opportunity to RATE the electrician. You will then be debited the call-out fee.

Our qualified and vetted Electricians at your service:

Arise Afrika
ALG Electrical
ARM Electrical
Big K Technologies
Etienne Electrical
GB Projects
Grant Electrical
Presto Electrical
Tropical Appliance
Alladin Plumb & Elect
Class A Projects
DH Maintenance
Jades Handyman
LW Electrical
Mutasa Const Sol
Mumbi Projects
Rushmak Plumb & Elect
Remembrance E & P
RB Group
Shiloh Tech Serv
The Maintenance Co
Anchor Electrical
RA Electrical
Pearl Electric
LPED Electrical
RP Electrical
Mathoho Electrical
Willie en Seun Elek
Tekton Services
LN Electrical
Swift Electrical
Natural Solutions
Doc Project Solution
Electro Relay Services
First Electrical
Izibusiso Electrical
JA Enterprises
Mgunwam Multipurpose
Higher Grade Services
Meco Electrical
Eletricians in Durban
Superb Electric
Provolt Electrical
Handy Hubby
Easy Gates & Autom
Watts Plumb & Elect
Most wanted Proj
Coalition Cable & Elect
Brits Electric
Swartz Electrical
Fucle Electrical
RSA Bardo Electrical
KJL Electrical

Buddy Assist Mobile application's map view of an available electrician