International opportunities with Buddy Assist – Operate in the US, UK and Australia

Buddy Assist are actively reviewing candidates to operate our powerful App in the US, UK and Australia “under License”The Buddy Assist App is so versatile and adaptable that we are easily able to customize categories of services available on the App to specific needs. We are offering suitable persons the opportunity to operate the Buddy Assist App and business model Internationally in 42 of the US states, 5 territories in Australia and the larger part of England.

Buddy Assist model itself on Speed, Safety and Certainty in times of need!

Buddy Assist currently operates in an Uber-like fashion for all services on demand as well as a simplified quoting system for those non-emergency type events. Now ready for the International market.

The service categories in South Africa are Plumbers, Electricians, Locksmith’s, Handymen, Auto Gates and doors, Bail Attorneys, Tutors, Paramedic’s and Ambulance Services.

There is much more planned such as Buddy Cab, IT Buddies 24/7, Laundry services and the like.

Any parties interested in securing the License to operate in the above-mentioned states and territories are encouraged to contact us soonest with a CV (

Consider the Buddy Assist App as a household and safety tool. Whenever you need typical household maintenance, it is easy to obtain multiple quotations “obligation free” by simply inputting your needs into one app. Sit back, relax and wait for quotations from vetted and qualified companies.

The International age rating is 3+, providing further evidence of how safe the App is. When disaster strikes and you need a Paramedic or any other service on demand, you will be greatfull for the Buddy Assist App.