Sparks magazine for Electricians – Buddy Assist App

Sparks magazine for Electricians – Buddy Assist App

How Buddy Assist App brings more business to Electrician’s

Questions and Answers published in Sparks publication
  • Could you tell us a bit more about the Buddy Assist app and what problems it solves in the industry?

The Buddy Assist App is an Uber-like App for Service Providers (electricians, plumbers, locksmith’s, etc) first and foremost and then we have a non-emergency quotation facility as well.  For Service Providers that operate a 24/7 service, it assists the manager/owner by way of having total information about the evening in question. It logs the time that a client requested a service, it logs the reaction time of SP to accept, then en-route, arrival and completion of job. It serves basically as a job card. By far the biggest advantage is that logistically every business will have down-time and the manager/owner can simply ask the operators to make themselves available and pick up call-outs in this spare/down-time.  You may also with ease expand your business or migrate. Wherever your phone is and within 30km thereof, we will pick you up and provide call-outs. If are busy, you will very simply put your profile as unavailable and change this again when you are available.

  • What was it that sparked the idea for the app?

It is difficult to tell the industry this, however having experienced late arrivals or non-arrivals across the board, this App brings Speed, Safety and certainty to the table. Specifically, if you have dependents not residing with you, you may call a SP to another destination and track them to the door.

  • What benefits does the app offer for service providers?

Increase your call-outs from the 24/7 aspect whenever you want or need more work. Add certainty if you are managing a few operators at once. Be introduced to many more quotation requests and you choose which you would like to partake or not partake. If you looking to expand, there would be no need for advertising, simply load up the App and receive call-outs.

  • And for clients/homeowners?

The clients know that they are dealing with vetted operators (electricians, plumbers, locksmith’s etc). They can see the operators and distances from them, and they can also view their ratings. Once called out and accepted, they can track the operator to their door for safety purposes. Should it not be an emergency then they just have one point of contact to receive 3 x quotations.

  • What areas is the app currently available in?

Gauteng, Eastern Cape exc border, Western Cape and most of Kwa Zulu Natal.

  • What are your future plans for the app?

We are in the process of negotiating for Veterinarian 24/7, IT Buddy 24/7, Doc delivery etc making this an eventual must have App for all smart-phone users. We are also in the process of setting up license agreements in the UK and US to operate there as well

  • Is there any other information you would like to share?

It has taken more than 14 months development and 3840 development hours. We are only rolling out to the public now, it will take time to gain traction in the market, however the service providers should be patient as this will become the vehicle through which most people will operate in the future.


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